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Wilton and Fairhill

World Class Infrastructure 

Rail Accessibility

  • World class rail infrastructure connects Wilton and Fairhill to numerous deepwater ports.

  • Significant rail capacity exists along the Blackwater Line linking to Port of Gladstone.

  • Projects also directly linked by rail to Port of Hay Point, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal.

Port Accessibility

  • Port of Gladstone located 330km (via Blackwater Line) from Wilton.

  • >70mtpa loading capacity – one of the largest in the world.

  • World class coal handling/loading facilities along with blending capability.

Product coal will be separately stockpiled before being loaded onto trains and railed to the Port of Gladstone. The Gregory Branch of the main Blackwater rail line runs through the Wilton and Fairhill projects and connects with the coal export terminals at the Port of Gladstone. The Blackwater rail system is owned by Aurizon, of which the Queensland Government is the major shareholder, and is a regulated asset covered by an open-access regime. This system offers direct access from the Projects to the Port of Gladstone approximately 340 km away by rail.

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